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Kitaabul Imaan (Book Of Faith)

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Kitaabul Imaan




Description : In view of this lamentable situation, there is a dire need for a thorough explanation of the Islamic concepts of Imaan and Kufr so that Muslims become aware of the snares of deception strewn about them- snares which will entrap them, destroy their Imaan and their Aakhirat . This book, Kitaabul Imaan , by the grace of Allah , presents the correct Islamic meanings of Imaan and Kufr . In our opinion great advance in combating kufr will be made if Kitaabul Imaan is introduced to Madressah children. A child thoroughly grounded in the details of Imaan will, Insha'Allah , remain firm in Imaan when later exposed to the incessant torrents of kufr theories and kufr practices which accompany western education and technology. Imaan is a very delicate entity. Author : Mujlisul-Ulama of South Africa



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