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Repentance... An Easy Solution To Every Problem!

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Al Hasan Al Basri was a great eminent scholar of his time. Masses would often approach him with their problems seeking his advice.


According to few narrations, once someone came to him, and asked his advice regarding growth of grain and wheat, "What should I do so that Allah makes my land fertile, increase my output in terms of farming?", the questioner asked. He replied: do repentance!

Another time, a man came to him, seeking guidance to flourish his business, the reply was the same: do repentance.

Then came a man with a question, about his children, yet the reply remained the same which was doing sincere repentance!


Once his slave asked him, "I see different people coming up to you with their different problems, yet your answer remains the same. Seek repentance. Why is that so? He replied: Haven't you read the verses of Surah Noah:


"Seek repentance from your Lord; Verily, He is Oft-Forgiving; 'He will send rain to you in abundance; And give you increase in wealth and children." ( ch. 71 verse 10 - 11)


Even in the era we live today, problems are the same, and so is that ultimate solution.


1. With regards to rain, soil gets fertile, there's tremendous increase in grain, forests, shipping, supply gets more than local demand, and as a result export increases...and the list goes on.


With regards to wealth, on an individual level, everyone wants to earn more money and honestly even I want to do that, for we all have been instilled with love for wealth.


When it comes to children, everyone wants to have more children, who can take care of them when they're in need of them.


On deeply pondering, we analyze most of our problems originate from above three reasons...which can be very easily solved by sincere repentance.


The deal is open, but the question is when are we going avail it to get both the worlds?


Author : Fareed Ahmad.


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