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Our Definition Of Freedom


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Have you heard about the new wave of feminists seeking to liberate women from the shackles of Islam by telling us to take part in a war against Islam! What do they want to free us from?


 Is it our Dignity they want to free us from? 

The fact that our creator didn’t just want us to be treated as mere sex-objects but protected us by commanding us to cover ourselves? That He made us sacred, so that if a man wants to be close to us he has to commit to us? Nudity only objectifies women further - when confronted with a topless woman, the last thing men are thinking about is how much they respect their cause and intelligence!


Is it our History they want to free us from?

That we were given the right to inheritance, to property, to be spiritual equals to men over a thousand years before women in Europe were? Is that what they want to liberate us from?


Is it our Creator they want to free us from?

Who knows us better than we know ourselves, who taught us to live not according to the whims and desires and subjective views of men whose moral lens keeps changing, but according to timeless moral principles that protect our interests and the interests of society?


Is it our Messenger they want to free us from?

Who, upon whom be peace, gave us as mothers three times more rights than fathers?


If that is the case then they can keep their version of freedom. I am a slave - not to societal constructs, not to the subjective ideas of man, not to the morality of a materialistic society, but to Allah - my creator.

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