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Staying Human With The Muslim Responses.

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Quick reminder:

We have been given these, what we can call, the 'Muslim responses' to be applied in our day to day life. And they ahve been given to us by Allah for a reason! We feel connected to Him all the time but that's not all; we keep feeling human! Don't get it? 


We are constantly reminded of our place by doing these little adkhaars like before going to sleep, after sneezing, when it rains, before entering the bathroom, when you see something that pleases you, upon receiving a blessing, etc,. We don't get carried away by feelings of self-pride and stuff, rather when we say "Alhmdulilaah" we attribute all thanks to Allah and feel human. When we say "Allahu Akbar", we attribute all greatness to Him and feel human.


So make these 'Muslim responses' a part of your life. #TheBeautyOfIslam

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