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The Silence Of God.


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The silence of God

Have you ever wondered why God is with us in the beginning, we walk with Him and feel His presence, but eventually we go in a period of drought, whereby our prayers are like crops with no rain. They don't seem to yield any results. Our seeking of Him continues, yet we seem to not be able to find Him. No matter our call, He is silent. He seems distant. We feel we are alone again in the battles of this life. But that's far from the truth.

I'm sure you have wondered why silence. After all, now that we are walking in His path we need His constant guidance. We need the comfort and reassurance that we are walking in His path. This is the time we really need Him. But that's not true.

Your search of Him gave you lots of knowledge. It made you strong and tough. It allowed you to understand God and ultimately find Him. Now that you have found Him, He will allow you to walk a period of time without Him so you can understand Him more. This is a period of time to build your character and understand your need of God.

It may be counter intuitive to think that God's silence is good for us. After all, why wouldn't I want the guidance of the ultimate master. But the answer lies deep inside our soul.

Think of silence as a period of personal development. It is a time of testing by God. This is the time to see our true character. Your striving was for you to find the truth; to find God, now God is wanting to know how long you are willing to strive for Him. This is a period where you will explore the darkest and deepest places of your soul. You will struggle and search for answers until you understand that He is always present. Know that silence is trust from God that we will succeed on the task at hand. It is through silence that we learn valuable life lessons and position ourselves for greatness that is destined for us.

His silence is really His gift to you. His silence prepares you for better and greater things to come. His silence is His way of building you character. You will ultimately understand the meaning of His silence when you mature in faith.

Written by: F.D


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