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Hazrat Ali RA has said:

Knowledge of deen is better than wealth. Your knowledge protects you, whereas you have to protect wealth. By spending (teaching) your knowledge and practising on it, it increases whereas by spending your wealth it decreases. Knowledge makes you a ruler whereas a person who accumulates wealth is ruled by it. A person of knowledge love is deen which is a means of reward. Knowledge bears this fruit to an alim that he is followed and obeyed during his lifetime and is remembered with reverance after his death. A person who accumulates wealth only remains till he is alive and he is forgotten after he dies whereas an alim remains forever. The aalims body may be buried but his memory remains in the hearts of people.

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The poet, Abu Nawaas says:


As I ponder over my sins, their number is vast

But the mercy of my rabb is even vaster

My hope in my acts is naught

But I am very hopeful of the mercy of my rabb

For he is my protecting friend, who has created me

And I am his slave, humble and confessing

So if he forgives, it will be through his mercy

But if matters are otherwise, what can I do??

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Abu hurayrah ra has narrated that the prophet Muhammad saw has said that allah taala said that

I treat my slave according to his expectation of me and I am with him when he remembers me. If he remembers me in his heart than I remember him in my heart, if he remembers me in a gathering than I remember him in a gathering much better and nobler than his (in the gathering of angels). If he comes closer to me one hand span, I go towards him one cubits length, if he comes to me a cubits length I go to him an arms length, and if he walks towards me I run to him with great speed.

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Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umar RA has narrated from Rasulullah SAW that 4 things are such that if you acquire just these and do not achieve anything else of the world than there is nothing to regret about.


Those four things are:

1. Avoiding breach of trust

2. Truthfulness of speech

3. Good character and manners

4. Halal food.

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