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Heart In Darkness & Ruins

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Originally Posted by dr76 on sunniforum







A house when kept locked away for a long time.. with windows open.. shall gradually begin to gather dust.. then with passing of time cobwebs begin to spin .. then insects that were hidden in crevices begin to crawl about freely.. then over a time pigeons make nest so do other animals find their way in.. then years roll by and creepers begin to grow on the walls gradually setting the pace for its ruin...


This is exactly what goes on in a heart that is devoid of the remembrance of Allah .. His ghair finds way through the many open windows.. dust blows in through his eyes when they are cast at ghair Mahram.. so does the filth of haram food that gushes forth through the arteries.. and the insects of haram thoughts gather within either through ears by listening to music.. or through other senses..


now this heart is just like the house above.. dark and in ruins..


(I have left out a portion of dr76 Sahib's post) He continues:


.. and yes it shall be cleaned by the rememberance of Allah .. and fortified by a life on sunnah.. but for that reason a heart specialist is required.. and that is the Shaikh..


There is never a hurry for bayat as Islahi Ta'alluq could be kept even without initiation in a tareeqa.. just find someone who is strict on kitab and sunnah.. repent seriously .. and there u go..

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