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And Make Your Homes As Places Of Worhsip.


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Today the Ummah finds itself in a similar position to that of the Bani Israeel under the tyrannical rule of Firaun. Subjugated, weak and helpless, they lead a miserable existence in the world. The Quran draws a graphical account of the suffering of the Bani Israeel – "And (remember) when We delivered you from Firaun's people, who were afflicting you with a horrible torment, killing your sons and sparing your women, and therein was a mighty trial from your Lord." 2; 49

Bani Isreal was too weak to rise up against the oppression of Firaun. They were not even able to escape or run away from Firaun’s land. When the misery and suffering of Bani Isreal went beyond bounds, Allah Ta’ala inspired Moosa (AS) and Haroon (AS) with a plan of action to liberate Bani Israel from their suffering.





The plan of action was simple and easy, yet very effective. It was a plan for spiritual upliftment. It was through this plan of action that Bani Isreal received the spiritual strength and conviction to take up the challenges facing them. The plan was to focus on the home and make the environment of the home one of Ibadah and righteousness.

"And We inspired Moosa and his brother (saying): "Take dwellings for your people in Egypt, and make your homes as places for your worship, and perform Salaah, and give glad tidings to the believers." 10; 87

The focus of the Bani Isreal was changed from lamenting their lot and cursing their oppressors to engaging in acts of worship and creating an environment of righteousness within the home. This intensive spiritual program within the home inspired their hearts with faith and conviction on Allah Ta’ala and removed from their hearts the fear of Firaun. From this point onwards, they progressed spiritually to the point when the entire nation witnessed the miraculous salvation of Bani Isreal with the parting of the Red Sea, and which became the cause of the destruction of Firaun and his armies.





A similar plan of action is required for this Ummah. In this difficult hour, when the Muslim Ummah is weak and bleeding from multiple wounds inflicted on its limbs and members, it is time to go back home and recover our spiritual health, well-being and strength once more.

It is time for the entire Ummah to focus on the home - in the words of the Qur’an "Make your homes as places for worship, and perform Salaah..." When this Ummah succeeds in this spiritual program within the home, and gains sufficient spiritual power, then it is time for glad tidings of success. In the word of al-Qur’an: "And give glad tidings to the believers." 10; 87

Instead of looking within the home and improving the spirituality and righteousness in the home, the tendency within the Ummah nowadays is to look outside and to apportion blame elsewhere. Some times the blame is put on the enemies of the Ummah, sometimes on the corrupt leaders, sometimes on the Ulama. But the solution to the problems of this Ummah begins first inside the home, not outside. It is time to set our house in order first. Time to sweep our own backyards first, before everything else. It is time to go back to the very basics which most of the Ummah have discarded wholly.





The Muslim home of today is hardly as the Qur’an demanded: "Make your homes as places for worship, and perform Salaah..." Instead we find a sad and pathetic state of affairs in most Muslim homes of today. Homes are in great turmoil, sad places, with family members like strangers unto one another. The home of today is more like a hotel or motel, with people checking in and out with almost no care or concern for each other. There is little communication, feelings or love. Outwardly, these homes appear huge, spacious, airy, well-lit and palatial, but in reality they are dark, narrow, stifling and constricted places for their dwellers, who prefer to be away from their homes.

How to implement this verse of the Holy Qur’an in our homes? How do we create a spiritually-vibrant environment within the home? There are numerous practical steps that need to be taken in this respect. Some of these entail the establishment of Salaah for every member of the home as the very first step. This is to be then followed up with excessive Zikrullah, much Tilawah of the Holy Qur’an, Ta’leem for the whole family of Duas, Surahs, basic rules of Shari’ah and virtues of good deeds, Respect for elders, Kindness towards young ones, Obedience to instructions, Good mannerism, Following of Sunnahs, Inviting of pious people to the home, Good Islamic reading and audio material in the home, Simplicity, Modesty, Mashwara in family matters, Consideration for servants, and removing of every evil and sinful influence from within the home. This is the way to bring about a good conducive spiritual environment in the home.

When Muslim homes will become a true center of spiritual upliftment, every home will give to the Ummah such a calibre of men and women, who will deliver the Muslim Ummah from the abyss of degradation and humiliation to the heights of glory and triumph!

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