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The Wrath Of Allah .


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Allah becomes very angry whenever someone regards a sin as minute. There was a man named Damut i among the Bani Israel. Once he was walking outside his town when he came upon a small inlet that was surrounded by barren trees and there was hardly any vegetation. He began thinking that it would be very pretty if there were waterfalls and fruit trees to beautify the scenery.


Allah sent ilham (inspiration) upon him saying, “Damut, have you left my servitude and become my advisor that you point out blemishes in My Creation?” Hadrat Damut i became terrified, and at that point decided that he would punish himself by not eating until he received ilham from Allah granting him forgiveness.


A few days passed in this state, and Hadrat Damut i had not eaten. There was a function at someone’s house and so he brought food for Hadrat Damut i. Hadrat Damut i refused to eat despite much insistence. After much persuasion as to why, he finally told the townspeople the reason why he was not eating. Hearing this one of them said, “This is not such a serious matter. Please eat and we will bear amongst ourselves whatever punishment Allah i may send.”


At once Allah inspired Hadrat Damut i with the following; “My beloved, leave this town now, for I want the crush these people within the earth.” How can anyone claim to be a servant of Allah and then dare to say that he can withstand Allah’s punishment? The Holy Quran says that Allah’s punishment is indeed terrible.


The Messenger of Allah would be grieved whenever the Holy Quran talked about the result of previous nations that disobeyed. He used to worry constantly about his own nation. The Sahabah noticed some white hairs in his beard and commented, “Your hair have become white O Messenger of Allah.” The Messenger of Allah replied, “Surah Hud has made me old.” Allah says in the Holy Quran that there is only destruction for the people of Thamud. The Prophet would become frightened and worried about his nation because of such verses. Hence the believer remains in constant fear of destruction being written for him.


The common people remain scared because of their sins, whereas the pious and those close to Allah are scared because of their good deeds, always begging forgiveness because they are not worthy of being presented to Allah. Allah says that He has created life and death so that He may test who does good deeds. We have been told to do good deeds, but our prayers are hurried because we are thinking about work, our study of the Holy Quran and Hadith is short and infrequent because we get “tired” and have so much else to do. Yes we are fulfilling the command of doing good deeds, but what value do these kinds of deeds have when presented in front of the Master of all creation?

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