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It Was All Just A Dream

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By Fadia Bint Ismail



Standing on the edge of the cliff.

My arms spread out wide.

My eyes locked on the sight below me.

Waves gushing against the rocks. The breeze brushing against my face.

I am ready. Ready to jump. I close my eyes imagining how i would drop to my destruction. How i had come to this point. The point where i feel like falling and never waking up.

A rush of thoughts entered my mind. What have i done to myself? What have i done to my soul? I have disobeyed Allah. I have broken my promises and brought destruction to myself.

At this point the tears are rolling down my face. I feel like i have no hope.

I am moving closer to the edge. Ready to fall into the raging waters beneath me.

Suddenly i hear a voice. A hand clutching mine trying to pull me back.

I turn around. Staring at me is my own reflection. The sadness fills my eyes, What am i doing to myself. Darkness was surrounding me.

A beaming light shot at me and i opened my eyes. I awoke in a frantic state.

It was just a dream. It was just a dream.

I sat up, my face immersed in my palms crying out. O Allah you have saved me.

When darkness surrounded me and i felt i had no hope. O Allah you saved me.

When sadness and grief filled my heart. O Allah you illuminated my soul and uplifted my heart.

When my sins were as tall as a mountain. O Allah you forgave me. You are Most oft-Most Forgiving-Most Merciful.

When everyone left me in despair. O Allah you showed me that you would always be there. You are Al Wadud-The most Loved.

When i was standing on the edge ready to jump. O Allah you held my hand and pulled me back.

O Allah the most praisworthy, the sustainer, the provider and giver of all things my faith in you will never deteriorate. My faith in you will grow with each passing day.

My reflection, my eyes, my hands, my voice, my heart and my soul. O Allah you have blessed me.

It was all just a dream. O Allah you saved me.

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