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The Masjid After Ramadan


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The Masjid After Ramadan




Ramadan came and the masjid brimmed with joy

from daybreak to sunset, men, women, and children overflowed its sacred halls

light emanated out from their ardent worship

magnificent chandeliers adorned the uplifted roof

perfectly straight and still rows stretched out far and wide

a mesmerizing recitation of the Quran marvelously glided through

encompassing their bodies and seizing their hearts

and unleashing the blessings of the Most Bountiful

the masjid gloated, beaming with praise and hope

when Ramadan ended, the masjid lamented and wept

its Eid was no Eid

its happiness was gone

its light was replaced by a gloomy darkness

for all those who visited it

had suddenly deserted it

perfectly content with their performance in Ramadan

they saw no further need to come back

they could happily chase after the pleasures they had missed out in Ramadan

and as I gaze now,

the masjid is silent as a mortuary

mourning without wailing

peaceful as waves breaking on a shore

lights reminiscent of the full moon shining down upon a vast desert

shadows abound,

of the door knobs peeking down

of the window grids forming black holes in the carpet

the people are gone

a feeling of emptiness overwhelms

how many vacant spots are there

beseeching, pleading for a worshipper

to come and connect his soul with the Almighty

to earn eternal success

how many mushafs are there

wishing they were being read by a sincere heart

why do not the people reform

why do they stubbornly persist in answering the calls of ignorance

why do they ignore the call of their Lord

why do they neglect the masjid except at Ramadan

alas, the masjid is there waiting, peacefully and silently for them to come

its looming, heavy silence is its tears

for it has to wait one long and dry year until the next Ramadan

when the people will finally come back

so it can be restored to its glory

and to its original purpose - in the service of its Creator.


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