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Pour Your Heart Out To Allah.


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Pour Your Heart Out to Allah


by Raghad Ebied



You know how sometimes you really want something to happen or there’s already something really important happening in your life, yet you feel like there are so many challenges and obstacles to overcome?

Whether it’s a personal or community project, a new relationship like starting a marriage or expecting a child, or acquiring a new job, you will notice more often than not, that anytime we as human beings want to do something great or important and start creating more fulfillment in our lives and in the lives of others, that there will be all sorts of tests and tribulations along the way.



We have so many examples of this from our Islamic history. Think about the Prophet (peace be upon him). He was the one man on earth at the time who had revelation coming down to him, peace be upon him, from the seventh heaven. He was the most beloved human being to Allah (Swt) and had an ever so important message to deliver, yet he faced trials and tribulations, one after the other.

After his first incident with Angel Gabriel in Cave Hira, he sought comfort and support from his beloved wife Khadijah, who believed in him and supported him like no other and took him to her cousin, Waraqa, at the time who was a man of religious knowledge. When the prophet peace be upon him told Waraqa of his incident with Angel Gabriel, Waraqa told him that your people will force you out of you land. The prophet, peace be upon him at the time, only at the beginning of his difficult but ever so important journey replied, “Will they really force me out?”. And Waraqa re-emphasized that there is no man that came with what he came (a message from God), except that his people fought him.

And this is how all of the trials and tribulations began – the prophet was not only forced out of his own beloved land, but threatened and boycotted for three years with little food until his beloved wife khadijah died shortly after, and soon after that, his other source of support, his uncle, also passed away.

Think of how the prophet peace be upon him felt at the time. He was tired, he was alone, and he lost the two most important sources of ‘human’ support. In fact they called that year the year of sadness. Yet what did the prophet peace be upon him do? Did he give up on his message? A message that he knew would bring salvation to humanity and be a source for their happiness both in this world and the next?

Shortly after this incident, the Prophet went to Al-Taif – which was almost 100km of walking for the Prophet at the age of 50 – to continue to call people to Allah (Swt). And once again he was threatened, made fun of, and stoned until his blessed feet bled and he finally fell to his knees, and poured his heart out to Allah (Swt). He made one of the most beautiful duaas one could ever make when he said:

“Oh Allah to you I complain of my weakness and helplessness, oh the Most Merciful of the Merciful to whom have you left me? To a stranger who does not care or to an enemy who has control over my affairs? If you are not angry with me, then I do not care but your mercy is better for me. I seek refuge with your light which brightened every darkness and reformed every matter of this world and the next that your wrath shall descend upon me or your discontentment falls upon me – to you belongs every thanks until you are pleased and there is no power except with you.”



And you know what happened shortly after this beautiful heartfelt duaa? It’s as if Allah (Swt) wanted to show the prophet the great status he held and this is where the Prophet made the trip of “Isra and Mi’raj” – the Ascension to Heaven. It’s as if Allah (Swt) wanted to tell him if you think you don’t have support on earth anymore and its people have harmed you, then ascend to heaven and go where no other human being has ever gone before and witness your significant position with Us.



So, back here on earth and to you and me. Allah (Swt) promises that: ““Anyone who works righteousness, male or female, while believing, we will surely grant them a good life (Hayat-e-Tayyib) in this world, and we will surely pay them their full recompense (on the Day of Judgment) for their righteous works.” [16:97]



So what more could we want? We have a promise from Allah that if we put in our part and overcome the many challenges that we will face, that He will give us happiness both in this world and in the next.



The key is who do you go to in these times of challenges? Who do you complain to? Who do you seek the ultimate support from? We may naturally go to seek advice and comfort from family and close friends but ultimately we are all human beings and to find the true comfort and solace that we need, I would encourage each and every one of us to literally pour our hearts out to Allah. That is the beauty of duaa. The prophet (peace be upon him) describes duaa as the “essence of worship”. It is your opportunity to say whatever you want, in whichever language you want, as many times as you want knowing that even if you can’t express yourself fully, Allah (swt) knows and understands you like no other because He created you and knows your innate feelings and worries.



In fact you may be facing a great test or tribulation that is preparing you to fulfill a great role or deliver an important legacy that you are not even aware of yet. The prophet said, “Victory comes with patience” and “Relief comes with Affliction”.



More so, it doesn’t have to be that you are facing a huge tribulation in your life to ask Allah (Swt) for His help – it could be that you are looking for guidance on what your role and your legacy to this world will be. Ask Allah (swt), with true sincerity, and you will see how amazing the will of Allah (swt) unfolds in your life to carry you through any challenges and enable you to truly be and give your best to the world.

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