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Constant Vigilance Over The Heart


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Constant vigilance over the heart is necessary because Riyaa (To be Ostentatious) can creep in stealthily. One should beg Allah subhaanahu wata’ala for Iklhlaas (Sincerity of intention) as one would beg for the life of a beloved whose life is in danger due to cancer.


One should not perform any good deed for show and neither should one give up good deeds just because there are people around. Keep performing good deeds in front of others, but solely for Allah subhaanahu wata’ala.


A person will be rewarded according to his intention. Take the example of three different men, who pick up a stone from the path while on the way to the Masjid. The first one picks it up without any intention while the second man does so for the sake of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala and the third picks it up for show. Then comes a fourth man who had seen the others pick up a stone and makes the intention of doing the same for the sake of Allah subhaanhu wata’ala however there is no stone lying in the path for him to pick up. Each man is rewarded according to his intention i.e. the third man would be liable for punishment for his intention of show while the fourth man would be rewarded without even performing the deed because of his intention.


From the teachings of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (Hafizhullah)

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