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I stood up, took a deep breath and left the room. There was nothing to add. The Masjid was built and people started to talk. They talked about everything: the architecture, the ceiling, the clocks, the width of the marble, the colour of the rugs…everything! But they never talked about him. In fact, they didn’t know him. He once told me that if I wanted to give a Sadaqa, I had to hide it from the whole world. No one had to know the “What” and the “How much”. He was a very pious and righteous man who left such a great impact on my personality.

“Look, if you give a Sadaqa for the sake of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala or if you come to the help of someone for the sake of Allah, no one should know it, it should remain a secret” this is what Abduljabbar used to tell me and whenever I met him, he was always hiding something behind his back. I knew that he was going to offer some candies to the kids for I myself, used to be one of them. Abduljabbar was a very special person, a sort of light was emanating from his face and he was always smiling. Before I left the room that night, I noticed sadness in his eyes and for the first time, I saw Abduljabbar crying. He took his decision and I was unable to convince him. I was still young at that time and he always succeeded in showing me how reasonable and how logical were all of his analyses. That night I really couldn’t sleep; where shall Abduljabbar go now? Where shall he live? And how?


Salaat Al ‘Ishaa was finished and people started to leave. I remained for a while inside the Masjid, remembering Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala, praising Him and thanking Him for His innumerable blessings. When the Imam saw me raising my hands in Dua’a, he came and sat beside me and when I finished; he said: “Ameen! May Allah Azza Wa Jal accept!” I turned towards him, smiled and said: “Allahuma Ameen! Jazak Allah khayer”

“Did you remember your parents in your Dua’a my kid?” “Yes Sir, as usual” “And who else?” “Well, tonight I also made a special Dua’a for a special person who spent all his fortune in the building of this beautiful Masjid” “Do you know him?” “Yes Sir, he used to be a friend of mine…” “Used to be? Is he…” “No, he is still alive Alhamdulillah! It’s just that he moved and left the neighbourhood” “Why?” “He just couldn’t remain here, he sold his apartment and he told me that I should never inform anyone about what he did” I started to tell the Imam the whole story for I felt that I had to share the truth with him. “I really don’t know if I will be able to see him again and I prefer not to tell you his name but I wish that on Friday, you make a Dua’a for him at the end of the Khutba In Shaa Allah” “In Shaa Allah, my kid, In Shaa Allah; I will”


Abduljabbar used to live in a very nice and big apartment. When he heard that the people were planning to build a new Masjid, He did not hesitate; he sold his apartment and gave me the money in a sealed box on which was written: “From a Muhssin, please remember me in your Dua’a”. When I gave the box to my father and told him that it was a secret and that the Muhssin was a friend of mine, he was really amazed. In fact, he started to ask me some detective-like questions but he knew me very well; he trusted me and I understood that he might have some little doubts.


Some four years ago, I saw a big limousine while I was crossing the street. Though it was dark, I managed to see that familiar radiant face of Abduljabbar behind the steering wheel. On the back windshield, was written: “Haada Min Fadli Rabi”


Rochdi Bouille

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