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Friends Of Shaytaan

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1. The first friend of mine is that leader who is a oppressor (Zalim).

2. My second friend is that business man who does his/ her business by deceiving his / her customers.

3. My third friend is that "Mo'min" (believer) who drinks alcohol.

4. My fourth friend is that rich person who is proud of his wealth and who angrily refuses to give money in charity to poor and needy.

5. My fifth friend is that person who does backbiting (Geebat), who talks to people in such a way that enemity increases between people and who reveals the defects of people.

6. My sixth friend is that person who kill other human being for any reason other than for Allah.

7. My seventh friend is that person who snatches away the belongings (such as wealth) of an orphan.

8. My eighth friend is that person whose livelihood is based on collecting interest.

9. My ninth friend is that person who gives more important to his worldly life rather than giving important to his life after death. This friend of mine prefers to performs those deeds which he know, will bring benefits in this world but in hereafter such deeds will bring loss.

10. My tenth friend is that person who keep long hopes and delays in asking for forgiveness from Allah.

(Here Maulana gave the example of that person who delays in asking forgiveness from Allah. For instance he said, "people refuse to ask forgiveness from Allah because they say we are young and angel of death is not running after us yet. Therefore these people, who delay in asking for repentance, say we are not going to quit listening to music, we are not going to observe Hijab, or we are not going to keep the beard. These people say that they will do all this after ten or more years. These are the tenth friends of Shaitan, because they keep long hopes and delay in asking for forgiveness from Allah.")

11. My eleventh friend is that person who helps women to increase their interest in performing "Jaadu" (magic) on people.

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