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Thought And Food To Sustain On The Road Of Dignity Elevation And Victory

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If you need Victory...

There is no Victory without Iman;

No Iman without beneficial Knowledge;

No beneficial Knowledge without Sacrifice;

No Sacrifice, without Quality;

No Quality without Giving;

No Giving without alleviating Oppression and Aggression from each other;

No alleviation of Aggression and Oppression from each other...

Without Real Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

There is no Brotherhood and Sisterhood without Love;

No Love between each other without Giving;

No Giving and Generosity and Love for Each Other...

Without Certainty Of Faith

Yaqeen and Complete Trust on Allah and the Love of Allah;

We cannot Love Allah, until we know Allah;

And you cannot know Allah unless...

You know His Names and Attributes!!!

There is no benefit of the above mentioned knowledge until it is manifested in us and becomes our manner, character, behavior, our method of interacting with others, our goals, decision-making, inspiration, and thinking.


All this comes from the fountainhead of the names and attributes of Allah, until it leads us to the real victory; victory against ourselves, against our shayateen, diseases of the heart, love of dunya and status, against leadership; and brings us victory against aggression and oppression.


This victory allows us to help each other; take care of the sick and needy; leads us towards the truth, helps us stand for it; and grants us victory by being able to elevate the name of Allah, as He is the truth. If we implement this knowledge just to please Allah, Allah will give us victory.


Allah SWT said in Surah Muhammad, ayah 7

O ye who believe!

If ye will aid (the cause of) Allah

He will aid you and plant your feet firmly!


It is a journey. A journey of: victory, quality, elevation, from love of dunya to love of akhirah; from love of status, showing off, and material life to love of Allah SWT, His Prophet, and jannah.


It is a journey from stinginess, greed and selfishness, to the love of mercy and spreading the message of mercy. The message we have been created for and the message that has been given to us as an honor, responsibility, and duty. We owe it to this message to live it, live for it, elevate it, to spread it, and to make it the real essence of our own goal of this life.


It is the journey of La- ilaha-ill-al-lah, Mohammad-un –rasul-al-lah.


It is a journey of establishing justice between us and our Creator by remembering that we are His slave and servants; and by establishing justice between each other which then extends to the entire earth and the ultimate justice is to elevate the name of Allah. When this dissemination of the message becomes our only goal, Allah promises to give us victory which is the ability to be. This victory will be to live with Allah, by Allah, towards Allah; to gain the pleasure of Allah in dunya and akhirah; and to enter jannah.



The wider manifestations of victory are

To believe; show contentment and gratitude;

Carry the message to mankind; establish the light of Allah in earth;

To get rid of the darkness of the heart and elevate it with the noor of Allah;

To elevate the heart, soul, action, character

Manner in yourself, with your money and dealings

Until you become a true believer of your Lord, Allah Jalla jalalahu.


Now that you have read this...

Who is the lucky one who will be chosen by Allah

To be the key of goodness, lock of evil

And to be elevated by being called with beautiful titles

On the Day of Judgment!

The light of Allah is coming, with or without us!

And the lucky ones are those who spread the light of Allah.


Can you have a bigger, better, and higher goal?

Can you find someone better than Allah to work for?

If you work for Allah, do you think He will not send you a paycheck?

Just think!

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