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Signs To Guide You Through Your Life

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There are signs and rewards, seen and unseen, indicating initiators of good deeds.


A person will have happiness, contentment, tranquility, wisdom, ability to comprehend the situations and joy and peace in life. All this is just a fraction of the ultimate happiness, paradise, which is in store for this person in the afterlife.

Another sign is that people will love such a person and he will not find it difficult to deal and communicate with others.

It will be easy to cope with situations.

The person will find ease, peace and tranquility in all his lifes activities - the ones he likes as well as the ones he does not like.

This is the case when a person lives for Allah [swt] sake alone which in turn causes the person to be filled with such joy and tranquility that even calamity becomes a source of happiness.


Just like signs pointing out the initiators of good, there are also signs and punishments afflicting those who have neglected their Lord, Allah SWT.


-Loneliness, misery, uncertainty, fear of the future and of others, fear of doing and giving shadows the life of such people.


-There is perpetual worry about what can and cannot happen which removes all internal peace from the soul.


-The person never tastes the real happiness which can only come from belonging to Allah [swt].


-The person who forgets Allah [swt], also forgets his goodness with people and finds no ease with any of his dealings.


-They are bereft of joy while either busy or free, and are constantly uptight and uncertain.


-They are constantly worried about gaining peoples approval of themselves which makes them anxious; this anxiety and lack of confidence eventually causes people to dislike them. This chokes them mentally and emotionally and they also begin to dislike people and become isolated from society.


-Combine the above mentioned signs in a person with the diseases of the heart: arrogance, miserliness, jealousy, liking oneself, ego etc. And you have the classic characteristics of a failed human whose abode is eventually hellfire. They get tortured in this life and the hereafter; and leave behind no legacy worthy to be commemorated.


Allah [swt] Says

In Chapter Al-Imran Verse 92

By No Means Shall You Attain Righteousness

Unless You Give (Freely) Of That Which You Love;

And Whatever You Give Of A Truth Allah [swt] Knows It Well!


All good qualities emerge from giving and initiating while all the diseases of the heart and bad qualities spring from absence of giving, sharing or sacrificing.


All of the above mentioned points are to prepare and enable you to live the message and to help you develop the intention to be among the chosen one, and it is up to Allah [swt] to give one the Tawfeeq (ability).

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