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Found 1 result

  1. Ask any scholar and they will tell you, living in a Shack is permissible in Islam. Why don’t we follow that fatwa; invest in a shack and live there? Because if we can afford it, we want to upgrade our lifestyle and live in luxury. Most of us are not interested in living with the bare basics. In fact, it would be considered absurd to, when you can afford more! Likewise, in Deen we should not follow the mere basic principles and do the least possible to acquire Jannah. Don’t we want luxuries in the hereafter too, where we will live forever? When our scholars give rulings of permissibility, it does not mean that we have to follow it every single time. It simply means that if we do it, there is no sin on us. It is there for us to fall back on or follow in times of need. For example, we have to do qasr on a journey. It is wajib for those following the Hanafi mazhab. However there is no sin if one leaves out the sunnah muakkadah. On the other hand if one has time then it is much more rewarding to perform the sunnah muakkadah despite the fatwa that it is permissible to leave it out. Imagine a person travels all the way from South Africa to Makkah Mukarrama and he doesn’t go to the Haram for any salaah with Jamaat not even Jumuah. When he is asked he replies that I am a musafir so Jumuah and salaah with Jamaat is not wajib for me. Now from a fatwa point of view what he is saying is correct but all of us will agree that his behavior is foolish. Why deprive oneself of so much of reward! Three quarter shorts are permissible for men but that doesn’t negate that a thawb is better and Sunnah. Wearing them does cover the satr, yes. But imagine your local Imam turned up for Salah in that attire, would we like it? Therefore, fatawa of permissibility cover the bare basics we must do. On a normal basis, we should aspire higher and go further. Do what’s Mustahab, or Sunnah of Nafl. This is what the Sahaaba RA practised and should be our normative practise too. The same applies for our children. When a family is wealthy, the parents often enrol their children into a private school. They pay expensive fees and drive far, when a local state school is around the corner. The sacrifice is made all because they want best for their children. Similar should be our efforts in bringing Islam into their lives. May Allah make us amongst those who sacrifice and strive for His pleasure, Aameen. — Hazrat Ml. Dawood Seedat حفظه الله Above is an article taken from www.islaahiadvices.com. It is an extract from Hazrat’s overnight programme on 21/04/18 in Darul Uloom Madrasatus Saadiqeen, Robertsham. To listen to the full talk, please click here.
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