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  1. Assalamualykum Warahmatulahi Wabarakathu! I wanted to know about istikhara because of which we are really confused. My friends sister had a marriage proposal which looks good. We had asked four to five people we know to do istikhara for her. They did and according to them its good. The girl for who the proposal is also doing istikara. She is praying istikhara dua after every namaz and also doing it after isha. She's praying two nafil namaz and then prays the istikara dua after every namaz (4-5 times daily). In addition to this after she prays istikara nafil and dua before going to sleep. She has been doing this for last week. The issue is though everyone is saying its good she is not happy. According to her she does not feel good about this proposal. She says she is not at peace when she thinks about this proposal. Question is it is very confusing for her and her family as others istikhara showed it to be good while she does not fell content with proceeding. Everyone is saying the istikara has come out good so you should proceed, if you do not something bad might happen, maybe you won’t get a good proposal in future. What should be done? Jazakallah Kharain
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