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    I want to learn things by which I can purify my soul
  1. I have read full tawbah topics suggested by sister.was really helpfull and encourage me a lot. I will say this forum is really good,easy to use and we get different opinion n hope to purify our soul. This forum is great
  2. I am Pakistani boy.brought up using Internet alone in my room watching movies and sexual contents As I got all these facilities when I was child.my friend all around are also like all are having these bad habits.now I want I am 25 year old.want to get rid of all this and become a good Muslim youngster. But when I start prayer or good proper routine as Muslim I can not maintain it for longer period.because of my friends and because of all bad things I have tasted in my life.and all environment around. I really want to be a good Muslim.how chould I counter my weakness to become good. I fear ot take guidense from normal ( imam masjid or sheikh) around us.because they are not good Muslims I know their lifes.they are less educated how a person a person can guide me who have not ever used computer in his life. I do not know how to approach good scholars I do not know is this topic can discussed here or not it's my try plz dear members help me out
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