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  1. asalaam aleykunm; thank you and good bye. wishing yu all the best.
  2. Asalaam aleykum; i have tried;and you being from advance countries i was hoping to look at the Matter ISLAM .....you could me Ulama who knows but at least LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND. (2:256) There is no compulsion and coercion in regard to religion. *285 The right thing has been made distinct from the wrong thing: now whoever rejects taghut *286 and believes in Allah has taken a firm support that never gives way. asalaam aleykum.
  3. The Meaning of the Glorious Qur'ân, by M.M. Pickthall, at sacred-texts.com 103. al-`Asr: Time 1 By the declining day, 2 Lo! man is a state of loss, 3 Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance.
  4. asalaam aleykum Jazaka Llah Kheir, having seen "union jack flag'(as your location); i realized as you are a perfect partner we can at list. as you have stated as not Scholar;but relaying on scholars you have stated; now Bi Lah aleyki "had we really have the scholars will this Ummat now be in this situation? I have been to england and have learn a lot from the people; They are keen in listening and then POLITELY they will put their wanting to be clarified; No matter how other people do talk about; I learned from their question as For Me-to Learn should we come to the point; simultaneously Should i come out as i was wrong they will not Deny Me but keen teaching me the correct way. I am Muslim and Islam is what we are all talking about. For your information i have registered to the WordPress.com why because to trace out what being added against Maududi and of course Learn. BUT WHAT SURPRISES ME why you are not prepared to even read His Translation(is there any human Perfect) i do not know i should address you as sister or brother, but let us between me and you take one Surat "Al Fajr" look at what your scholars have translated it and see mauduis(let us not talk about his personalities BUT his translations etc. Shall we Please I give you his link and you give of any their link Let us find who went deep and agreeable. Thank you (Admin: link removed) (please note my english is not as highly qualified but i beleived Our Prophet Muhammad was Umiy. I hope u understand that. thanking you in anticipation.
  5. Admin Edit: Assalaamu 'alaykum Respected Brother, Jazakallaah for posting however the content has been removed. At IslamicTeachings we do not allow the tafseer of Maududi sahib. Please see below: http://maududiexamined.wordpress.com/ There is a brief review of Maududi’s life and works, by the late Muhaddith of Pakistan: Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Banuri, ['The Maududi Calamity'] in the following words : “I admired many things about Maududi Saheb and detested many. For a long time I did not wish to degrade him. I felt that from his innovated style of presentation the modern generation could benefit. Although at times such compositions appeared from him that it was not possible to endure it, but taking into consideration the Deeni (religious) well being, I tolerated and kept silent. I did not foresee that this fitnah (mischief) would spread worldwide and have a detrimental effect on the Arab world; that every day from his master pen new buds would keep on blossoming, and indecent words would be used regarding the Sahabah kiraam Ridhwanullahi Alayhim and the Anbiyya (Prophets) Alayhimus Salaam. Later on, such things appeared commonly in the Tafhimul Quraan. Now it has become known without doubt that his writings and publications are the greatest fitnah of the present time, notwithstanding a few beneficial treatises that have appeared. It is the case of, ‘and the sin of them is greater than their usefulness.’[surah al-Baqara: 219] Now that stage has been reached where to keep silent seems to be a great crime. It is regretted that for forty years an offensive silence was kept. Now the time has dawned, where without fear of rebuttal and censure all his writings from A to Z should be thoroughly studied with a view to fulfill the demands for the preservation of the Deen with Haqq (truth) and justice.” May Allah accept this small effort and protect the Ummah from misguidance. Aameen.
  6. asalaam aleykum; thank you brother an excellent reminder.
  7. *37 Two of the truths have been mentioned in the previous verse, which we arc observing everywhere at aII times: (1) That Allah is Kind and Compassionate to aII His servants; and (2) that the measure of His provisions is not the same for everybody, but it varies from man to man. Now, in this verse it is being told that although the partial differences in kindness and measures of Provisions are countless, there is also a difference of fundamental nature, which is: there is one kind of the provision for the seeker of the Hereafter and of another kind for the seeker of the world. This is a very important truth which has been stated here briefly. Let us understand it fully, for it helps every man to determine his attitude to life. Both the seeker of the Hereafter and the seeker of the world have been likened to the farmer in this verse, who labours persistently hard right from the time he prepares the soil till the time his crop is ready for harvesting. He puts in aII his labour so that he may reap and gather the crop of the seeds he sowed. But because of the difference of the intention and objective and also the difference of the attitude and conduct, to a large extent, a vast difference takes place between the farmer who sows for the Hereafter and the farmer who sows for this world. Therefore, Allah has ordained different results and consequences of the labours of each, although the place of activity of both is this very earth. As to the farmer who is sowing for the Hereafter, Allah has not said that he will get no share from the world. The world, in a more or less measure, he will get in any case. for he also has a share in the common provisions being bestowed by Allah, and every person, good or bad, is getting his sustenance here. But Allah has not given him the good news of the harvest of this world but that his harvest of the Hereafter will be increased, for he is a seeker of the same, and is concerned about his end there. There are several ways in which this harvest can be increased; for example, as he will go on doing righteous deeds with sincere mentions, he will be blessed with the grace to do more and more righteous deeds and his breast will be opened out for more and more good works. When he will make up his mind to adopt pure means for thieving pure aims, he will be blessed with pure means only and AIlah will not Iet it so happen that aII doors to goodness he closed and only doors to evil to remain open for him. Above aII, his each good work, however small and insignificant, will at least be increased ten times over in the Hereafter, and there is no limit to this increase. Allah will increase it hundreds of thousands of tithes for whomever He may please As for the one who is only sowing for this world, and is not at aII concerned about the Hereafter, Allah has plainly told him of two of the results of his labours: (1) That, however hard he may struggle and strive. he will not get the whole of what he is trying for, but only a fraction of it, which Allah has ordained for him; and (2) that whatever he has to get, he will get only in this world: there is no share for him in the good things of the Hereafter.
  8. naam; this hadith is Sahih; Jaaka Lki kheiry for reminder

  9. a tray upon which booty is arrayed for man to lay hands on.
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