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  1. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salla Allahu A’alayhi Wa Sallam said: "I see what you do not see and hear what you do not hear. If only you knew with what the heavens groan. In fact, they must do so, for there is not even the space of four fingers’ breadth in the heavens where angels do not prostrate themselves. I swear by Allah that if you knew what I know (with respect to Allah's Grandeur), you would laugh little but weep much. You would not take delight in your wives but you would go out to a...

  2. “The language of Al-Qur’an”Man is a social creature; we are inclined to communicate with each other and we strive to establish all possible links with our surroundings. Whatever the barriers, we always want to know how “the other” thinks and how he conceives of this world so that we may communicate and create that bridge which we want to have between us. In this respect, translation of scripts and books enables us to understand “the other” and to learn the maximum about him. In fact transla...

  3. Hide your emails from profile. This is the only way to avoid being hacked.

  4. In this ephemeral realm of ours, we are permanently misled by the fake glittering golden superficiality which emanates from the dome of modern life. Greed, envy and lust govern our daily desires to gather money and fortune, with shaytan struggling to lead everyone of us; every step of the way. Let’s return to Allah, let’s reinvent the language of the soul, let’s polish the inner diamond: The truth lies majestically within.

  5. "People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within."Umme Safah

  6. [such is this world…]"A lion dies in the wilderness of hungerWhile the sheep is ravaged by caninesAnd a slave may sleep on sheets of silkWhile a nobleman on dust reclines."Imam AlShafi’eeTranslation by Ammar AlShukry

  7. Don't waste your time arguing with an atheist, he will always find a way to contradict you, he will do all what he can to show off his Great Knowledge and his great aspiration to live his own life of freedom; doing what he wants and giving free vent to his blind desires. What do you expect from someone who signed a contract with the Devil? Someone whose inner blindness equates his external loss of sight? Someone who thinks that the fabrication of this whole universe is a matter of some haphaz...

  8. Peace is a blessing from Allah Azza Wa Jal. We should all be grateful to Him subhanahu Wa Ta'ala if we live in a peaceful country far from all painful inhuman scenes!

  9. Narrated 'Abdullah bnu 'Amr: The Prophet Salla Allahu 'Alayhi Wa Sallam said : "It is one of the greatest sins that a man should curse his parents." It was asked (by the people), "O Allah's Apostle! How does a man curse his parents?" The Prophet said, "'The man abuses the father of another man and the latter abuses the father of the former and abuses his mother." [sahih Al Bukhari: 73 - The Book Of Al Adab (Good manners and form) Hadith N°4]

  10. I feel the earthUnder my feet, trembleEvery time i see the palmbowing before the wind,Teaching us how to be humble.

  11. Asalamlikum all.please a warning to all.my group religion of truth and quran and islam has been hacked in to by shia people..please remove your self from that group as i i have been blocked from both groups. please warn all your friends who are part of the group.Ummi Zeshan.

  12. Subhaan Allah, Al Hamdulillah, La Ilaha Illa Allah, Allahu Akbar. Subhaan Allah, Al Hamdulillah, La Ilaha Illa Allah, Allahu Akbar…I’m always fascinated by the peaceful serenity which results from the continuous remembrance of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala, it’s my medication and my remedy against every dark sensation. Thanks to the remembrance of Allah A’azza Wa Jal, my horizon – unwillingly painted with the color of despair – struggle to stretch out its hypothetical line and all the component...

  13. Narrated Ubai bin Ka'b: The Prophet Salla Allahu A’alayhi Wa Sallam said : "Once the Prophet Moses stood up and addressed Bani Israel. He was asked, "Who is the most learned man amongst the people. He said, "I am the most learned." Allah admonished Moses as he did not attribute absolute knowledge to Him (Allah). So Allah inspired to him "At the junction of the two seas there is a slave amongst my slaves who is more learned than you." Moses said, "O my Lord! How can I meet him?" Allah said: Ta...

  14. True Value .“A jewellery box is only valuable when there is jewellery in it; otherwise it is just a box. Similarly, the heart will only be valuable if love for Allāh ta’ala is in it; otherwise it is just a piece of flesh.”Ummi Zeshan

  15. Do not rely on the external to judge the internal.

  16. Emptiness is the echo which reverberates in the somber corners of the blind hearts.

  17. Every time I wake up, alive, I thank the Almighty God for giving me my soul back. I thank Him for giving me the permission to remember Him and to reflect upon my existence and to think over the innumerable blessings that He bestows all of us every day and every night. Do we thank Him enough? Do we appreciate His mercy and His compassion? Are we grateful for His forgiveness? Every new day and every new night are “The Opportunity” it could be “the last chance” who knows? Death has never been s...

  18. He barely walked…the cane had become of no more significant help. Yet, however tiresome the way to the Masjid was, the poor old man had never renounced. He had never missed a Sala’at, no never; even when he was struck with that “bad fever”: when they thought that it was time for his soul to quit her “ephemeral cover”. He stood up, took his cane and went out. “Father, please! Do your Sala’at here, at home! You can’t always go to the Masjid, your health doesn’t…” His son couldn’t finish his sen...

  19. How can you describeA rainbow or a spark?And what will you prescribeFor he whose heart is totally dark?I sailed the seaBut failed to seeAny possible sky lark.

  20. Words run free without the heart behind itIn the end words of weakness show its faceMind where you walk or step on words you playAaron Har'un Johnson

  21. Oh! How I wish!Oh! How I wish I could have seen,the Greatest Hero there has ever been.As his sword with bravery did gleam,as he did fight the Kuffar and Mushrikeen.Oh! How I wish my ears could hear,The Greatest Teacher to ever appear.As he sat with his Companions so dear,Beautifully preaching, with love and fear.Oh! How I wish my Heart to emulate,The greatest Mercy that ALLAH did ever create.As he did demolish vice and hate,As his kindness did reverberate.Oh! How I wish my Ch...

  22. Need to go to sleep.

  23. Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.

  24. * From Anas bin Maalik رضي الله عنه who said that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “A slave’s Imaan will not be upright until his heart is upright, and his heart will not be upright until his tongue is upright, and a man whose neighbor is not safe from his harm will not enter Paradise.”[Musnad of Imaam Ahmad (3/198) and Shaikh al-Albaanee said in al-Saheehah (2841): “the narrators are trustworthy; they are the narrators of (Imaam) Muslim, except for `Alee bin Mas`adah al-Ba...

  25. Al-Hamdulillah .As I rise each dayAl-Hamdulillah I sayAs I put on my dressAl-Hamdulillah I express... As I fill my empty plateAl-Hamdulillah I stateAs I make ready to striveAl-Hamdulillah for another day aliveAs I hear the birds singAl-Hamdulillah for the melody they bringAs I watch the sun riseAl-Hamdulillah for my eyesAs I wash in the streamAl-Hamdulillah I am cleanAs I pray my SalatAl-Hamdulillah for the best startAs I share my gifts with neighboursAl-Hamdulillah for...

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