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  1. Alhumdulilah,,,im so greatful i have such a wonderful life. Shukr Allah.. :)

  2. Alhumdulilah,,,im so greatful i have such a wonderful life. Shukr Allah.. :)

  3. A woman, whose face was shining with joy and beauty, was asked: 'What sort of make-up do you use?' She said 'I use for my lips truth, for my voice remembrance of Allah, for my eyes lowering my gaze, for my hands performance of good deeds, for my body sincerity and straightness, for my heart the love of Allaah (SWT), for my mind wisdom, for my soul obedience of Allah, and for my desire the Imaan (faith)....'

  4. If you remove thelove of Dunya from your heart, The Dunya is yours for the taking, you can have the Dunya because it is in your hands and not in your heart.

  5. Wal Ashr! By the token of time. In-Al Insana La Fil Ghusr! Mankind is in a state of Loss In-Ala Theena Amanu! Except those who do good deeds. Wa Amilu Sali Gati! Wata Washulbi Gaki Wata Wa Shulbi Sabr Those who Persevere

    1. Arsheer G. Serny

      Arsheer G. Serny

      Tanx 4 the Reminder

    2. Arsheer G. Serny

      Arsheer G. Serny

      May Allah be wit us Always

  6. Alhumdulilah, so far the Ramadan has been truly amazing all Praises to The Almighty (SWT) for giving me strength and for giving the Ummah strength through these past few days. Alhumdulilah there were many Ramadans before this, but my focus, my spirituality, my hole self is stronger, All praises to Allah(SWT). Im so happy

  7. According to the holy Prophet-SAW there is a lump of flesh in the human body, if it is in order, the entire body re¬mains in order; if that organ is in disorder, the whole body would be in disorder… and that lump is the heart. It is therefore necessary that we organise sessions in which we re¬mind ourselves of our duty to Allah and His Messenger-SAW, so that we revive our dead hearts and re-invigorate them to receive Allah's Message, which is the sole purpose of our love for the holy Prop...

  8. I do believe that every good thing necessary to my success is in the hands of my creator and cherisher who is nearer to me than my hands and feet. I expect from him every good, i anticipate success, i believe that the divine intelligence guides me into happiness, peace and bliss for i know that Allah is the source of Happiness, peace and bliss, i know that i am living right now in the spirit of wholeness and happiness. i am looking through the eyes of happiness at the presence of happiness an...

    1. GoneFromHere


      Ameen to that sister...well said : )

  9. Jumuah Mubarak to everyone. May we all strive toward the right path, A path that leads us to Allah, A path that increases our spirituality and our Tawheed.Inshallah. Have a blessed day Ameen.

  10. Asalaam to everyone, I am part of the Dawah team, and May Allah guide and protect us all, and May we all strive toward the right path, for the sake of Allah. Inshallah Ameen.

    1. GoneFromHere


      Ameen : ) - Nice To Have You With Us Sister!

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