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In loving memory of my father.

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Today is 13th june.




To you dear dad.



We thought of you with love today,

But that is nothing new.

We thought about you yesterday.

And days before that too.

We think of you in silence.

We often speak your name.

Now all we have is memories.

And your picture in a frame.

Your memory is our keepsake.

With which we’ll never part.

God has you in his keeping.

We have you in our heart.



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Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:


SubhanAllah, I know it has been a while but... I couldn't leave this thread without posting.


Ameen to all the du'aas.


I just  happened upon this thread while searching threads about Jannah. With the date in mind, and my own father in mind too subhanAllah, I just wanted to send a du'aa for all those who have lost their loved ones insha'Allah. Sister Safah, may Allah Ta'aala put barakah in this thread and allow good du'aas to keep flowing, ameen.


Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. 


May Allah Ta'aala grant ease and patience, and accept this effort (this thread and all the du'aas) as part of the good deeds of our deceased loved ones - through the efforts of their righteous children and as charity. Ameen.


May Allah Ta'aala forgive their sins and grant them peace and beauty in their graves; may He eleveate them in Jannah and allow them views and scents of Jannah. Ameen. 


JazakAllah khayran.

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