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  1. farazhussain

    Surah Feel

    Masha Allah this is such a helpful post. I loved all of your opinions, such as your idea to learn the tafsir of surahs that we perform in our prayers.
  2. farazhussain

    Showing Respect for the Qur'an

    The Quran is the divine book, that may guide not only muslims but everyone, till the day of judgement. Every verse, every word was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) and remains unchanged. Quran is divine because it's the words of Allah, Therefore it must be respected.
  3. farazhussain

    General Advice For Those Going For Haj And Umrah

    May God bless the writer and whoever responsible about this website. It is a great article full of wisdom and lots to study.
  4. farazhussain

    Beautiful & Inspirational

    May Allah reward you for your efforts. May Allah grant His blessings on all who write, read and attain benefit from this.