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Reality of human souls and where go they after death?

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If we look at the living creatures, we find the same thing. And Prophet Adam (peace be upon him), when he was only a statue made by clay, then there was no movement in it and when the soul was breathed into it by Allah Almighty, and then the statue became a living man and became to move as the holy Qur’an reveals,” and when I have formed him fully and breathed into him of My spirit, fall down before him in prostration” (Al-Hijr The Rocky Tract 15:29),

In these verses it is stated that human soul is infect by the command of Allah and people have been given very little knowledge about its reality.


By Mohammad Rafique Etesame


This is a burning question that what is the reality of human soul and people have great interest about it? There are many societies in Europe that research on the soul that, when it enters the body, the body moves and when it goes out of it, the body dies? So, this article states the Islamic point of view about it.





Almighty Allah says in the holy Qur’an, “people ask thee (O Mohammad PBUH) about the soul. Tell them that the soul is by the command of Allah, and you have been given very little knowledge of it” (Al-Isra '17:85).


A common thing is that when it enters a body, the body begins to move, and all of its movements can be divided into two categories i.e. to gain profit and to avoid loss.


The reality of the soul is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an as, "For Allah is the creation and the command” (Surah Ya-seen).


So, there are two separate things i.e. the command and the creation, and command is called by word "kun" (Be) as the holy Qur’an reveals, “Whenever We will anything to be, We but say unto it Our word 'Be' -and it is”


(An-Nahl (The Bee) 16:40).


In the other words the reality of the command is in fact to order to that particular thing that, "Go to the work you have been created for!"


The word ‘kun’ is used for the entire living creation as they are planned and arranged in such a way that the purpose of invention and creation is established.


Therefore, it has been proved that the reality of soul is the command of Allah Almighty word “kun”.


Another question is that where go the souls after death of man? So, according to Islamic teachings, after death, there are only two places for the souls, First is: Elli-yeen (the mode most lofty) and the second is: Sajjin (the mode inescapable).


Notable that, this is Islamic belief that souls cannot return to this world after death, because the souls of the righteous men go on to visit to heaven in the shape of green birds, so they do not need to come back to this world, and the souls of infidels and polytheists, they are imprisoned under a bad-smelled black stone whence they can never return to the world, the holy Qur’an reveals, "Behind them (the souls) is a barzakh (barrier), until the Day of Resurrection, when they will be resurrected." (Al-Qur'an).


So, it is the baseless belief of Hinduism about the dead bodies when they are burnt, that they back again in this world by taking a new-birth and also the Reincarnation.


So, if a man wants to gain the real profit and to avoid from the real loss, then he/she should accept the religion of Islam and worship of Allah Almighty. So that he might be among those who will be given the great favors at the Day of Resurrection as it has been mentioned “But ah! Thou soul at peace! Return unto thy Lord, content in His good pleasure! Enter thou among My bondmen! Enter thou My Garden”! (Al-Fajr: 30)


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