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      The Council of Muslim Theologians of South Africa, Jamiatul Ulema (KZN), has shared the following short series on the Seerah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallem) on their blog:
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      1                  Introduction and Table of Contents
      2                  Part 1: The Age of Ignorance
      3                  Part 2: Before Prophethood
      4                  Part 3: After Prophethood
      5                  Part 4: Hijrah
      6                  Part 5: In Madinah
      7                  Part 6: Battle of Badr
      8                  Part 7: Battle of Uhud
      9                  Part 8: Battle of Ahzaab
    • By ummtaalib
      The Greatest of Allah Ta’ala’s Creation
      Prophet Muhammad 
    • By ummtaalib
      The Sīrah - A Beacon Light for All
      By Shaykh-ul-Hadīth, Hadrat Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh  
      The noble and graceful character of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam is in total conformity to all the natural needs of man. His perfect human nature, sublimity of character, long suffering and forgiveness, magnanimity and grace, valour, benevolence, trust in Allāh ta‘ālā, modesty, honesty, humility, purity of heart, self-denial and forbearance, devotion and piety, fear of Allāh ta‘ālā, mercy, compassion and generosity, in all he is a perfect and beautiful example and a complete code of life for everyone.
      For rulers and heads of states, the life of the chief and king of the Arabs holds a perfect example. For the poverty stricken, the life of the one in whose house the fire was not lit for two months holds an example. For the liberators, the life of the liberator of Makkah holds a beautiful example, who forgave even his bitterest enemies. For those who have turned their backs on this world, the life of the lone worshipper in the solitude of the cave of Hirā is an example. For the labourers, the one who laboured strenuously in the digging of the trench is an example. The orphans can find solace if they look at the orphan of Āminah. The businessmen may inculcate honesty and piety within them, by looking at the life of the one who handled business in Syria. For the imām and judges, the great imām and judge of Al-Masjid An-Nabawī, who pronounced justice, without distinguishing between strong and weak is a worthwhile lesson.
      In a nutshell, there remains no facet of life which has not been covered by the noble life of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam and in which there is not a beautiful example to follow.
      We must all study this great life which is a beacon light for every human, and imitate this greatest personality in every mode of our lives. May Allāh ta‘ālā enlighten our hearts with the love of His Rasūl sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam. Āmīn. 
      (Extracted from ‘The Perfect Example’ published by the Islāmic Da‘wah Academy) 
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      معلمة الاساتذة
      المحدثة رضية بنت الحاج احمد نور الله مرقدها
      Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Motala saheb (damat barakatuhum), the khalifah of Qutubul Aqtab, Baqiyatus Salaf, Hazrat Maulana Zakariyah Kandhalwi (rahmatullah alaih) said in one of his lectures:
      “The teacher of a large number of the teachers of all the madaaris in England where girls are taught books of hadith, Razia Apa has passed away. May Allah elevate her status. Her parents had enrolled her in (Jaematus Salehat,) Malegawn (India) at a very tender age. She was very weak and was unable to even lift her books. Her father provided a maid for her who stayed with her to lift her books.
      For many years (after graduating and being appointed as a teacher in the said Jamea) she was bedridden to the extent that for a long time she was unable to even do tayammum. Another person had to assist her in making tayammum. Even in this feeble state she was punctual in teaching hadith.
      When we (Maulana Yusuf Motala) established a Girls Madrasah in Kidderminster (UK) and the first group of girls reached the final year when Bukhari was taught, we made a request for her to  come from Malegawn for one year. The girls that sat in her classes all testified that her lessons of Saheeh Bukhari and Sunan Tirmithi were on par with the usual male madaris. Rather, they say she surpassed many male teachers. Allah had granted her such ilm. May Allah elevate her status.
      All of us have to go (die), but to teach hadith for such a long period despite so many illnesses (is a tremendous accomplishment). May Allah grant us the tawfeeq (ability) to benefit from our aafiyah, sihhat (health) and faraagh (time).”
      A brief biography of this great luminary may be downloaded here. May Allah grant us the tawfeeq to follow in her footsteps. She was truly a noble legend and great role model.
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