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    • By ummtaalib
      Who are The Blind Followers? Why is Taqlid necessary?
      This is a book by  Shaykh Abu Usamah from South Africa.  It covers several major unfounded doubts in the minds of many concerning the issues of following a madhhab (School of Islamic Law).
      The book is in question and answer format which makes it easier to comprehend. A lot of the discussions have been adapted from “Atharul Hadith” of  Shaykh Muhammad ‘Awwamah (may Allah protect him) which has been extremely successful in eradicating many contemporary misconceptions.
      Download the book – HERE
    • By ummtaalib
      From Our Perspective (part 1)
      In the recent past, due to several reasons, there has been a significant shift in the channel of Islamic information in our societies.
      In the past, our system of information was in line with the ancient methods; that is to acquire Islamic knowledge from heart to heart. This was done in madrasahs as well as via the mimbars of the masajid.
      Now that the world has become a global village, the channel of education has been broadened. Just as this brings some benefit, it also has its hazards. As a result, we have become beset with fitnahs of all kinds.
      One such trial is the scourge of salafism; a doctrine or ideology that deceitfully claims to uphold the teachings of the salaf, but in reality actually defames the very same thing!!
      A consequence of this is that people begin to question the legality of other madhahib. In our province, the overwhelming majority are Hanafis. Therefore the attack of these ill-informed individuals would be focused on the Hanafi Madhab.
      The purpose of this booklet; entitled: ‘From Our Perspective’ is to enlighten one and all about the authentic proofs that support the Hanafi standpoint on issues that these individuals raise objection to. The book is meant to be brief, and therefore most of the chapters have just one clear authentic proof. For more elaboration on such issues, the ‘Ulama can refer to the detailed Arabic works on this subject.
      Download the e-book – HERE
    • By ummtaalib
      Taqlid of the Mujtahid Imams: Shaykh Kiranawi’s reply to Ibn al Qayyim
      The following work is an English translation of a treatise known as al-Din al-Qayyim by Shaykh Habib Ahmad al-Kiranawi of India, it was originally written in Arabic as a riposte to Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya (d. 751 AH) of Damascus, on the latter’s treatment and claims on the issue of Taqlid.  Thus, it is esentially a scholarly defence of the need and permissibility of following qualified scholarship (Taqlid) of the highest ranking Imams known as Mujtahids, like Abu Hanifa (d. 150 AH), Malik ibn Anas (d. 179 AH), al-Shafi’i (d. 204 AH) and Ibn Hanbal (d. 241 AH). 
      These Imams are the founders of the four most accepted schools of Islamic jurisprudence (Madhhabs) in Sunni Islam for more than 1200 years.  Their schools represent the real understanding of the teachings of the earliest Muslims, meaning, the Way of the Sahaba, and what they received from the Companionship of Allah’s Messenger, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.  Till this day, most Muslim scholars and laiety on the surface of the earth are adherents of one of these four recognised Madhhabs.  It is only a small minority who have distanced themselves from Taqlid via the centuries as the books of Islamic scholarship and history attest to for more than a millenium.
      The  English edition was translated from Arabic by Shaykh Zameelur Rahman from England, and with his permission it has been uploaded here for the benefit of all readers who wish to understand the issue of Taqlid, and why it is necessary for most Muslims to practice Islam in their lives with the conviction that it is based on not only the sources of the Sharia, but explained and detailed accurately by premier authorities known as Mujtahid Imams.
      Download link
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