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Love Your Parents By Words And Actions

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Love your parents by words and actions

The nest of family love is like a nest of birds. When it’s the right time to fly, the young will fly away; as it is the way of life. It is so hard for parents to give their children wings so that they can confidentially fly away. So many years spent together and all of a sudden they are gone to pursue their own lives.

Parents have to deal with the absence of family and love when children have flown from the nest of their family to build their own. However, this can be a time of great emptiness and sadness that can easily tip into depression.

Sometimes, separation is needed in life. As for parents, they raise their children with lots of care and love but as soon as everyone under their care ages and becomes independent, they have to start their own lives leaving their parents behind all alone. For daughters, they get married and step into their own world. And for son’s, it’s sometimes a transfer in jobs which causes separation; it can also be that he has to move into a new house with his family, because of the lack of space in the current house. So in the end, only the parents remain all alone. Only the old couples left, no one to look after them, they only have themselves to share their warmth of love and affection.

If you think about it, throughout our lives we had our parents for us when we really needed them. They gave us strength and courage when we needed it. They embraced us with love when were feeling down. But today, when our parents have grown old and they really need someone by their side, are we there? Are we beside them, to tend to them, to look after them?

Parents feel they are forgotten by their children. Parents interpret lack of contact as lack of love. So that parents feel loved, it is very important for children to work together to encourage a healthy relationship. Keeping up constant communication is vital for maintaining a sense of family togetherness. So frequent calls should be made to show your parents that you have concern for them and that you remember them. You can still make time for them even when you are busy with your own family. This will make them feel happy. It will let them know that their children think about them often and still love them. The key is to SHOW and TELL.

The contact rate decreases overtime, and its logical as everyone gets busy in their own world, with a very busy schedule that it becomes very hard to make time for even a phone call. You should make sure that you do not forget your most closest ones, your old parents while you are taking care of your own family. Remember, they are a part of your family too and it is your duty to check on them once in a while. Nobody is more important for your time than your own parents. Remind yourself that you wouldn’t have been in the position you are in, if it weren’t for your parents. Give yourself a moment and put yourself in your parents shoes. Think how you would have felt if you were left all alone and your children have become distant from you. Think about all the things you have done for your children as they grew up.

Imagine the sleepless nights, the cries, the stress, the tension; and yet you were happy doing it. Imagine the child growing up, you still taking care of him/her. Helping them get dressed, cooking for them, and cleaning up after them. Now imagine, how you would feel if they leave you all alone.

Distance hurts; the physical separation hurts. Many miles away means no way to hug, laugh and enjoy time together. Departure hurts and when parents do not know when they will see or hear from their children, it unnecessarily adds to the pain.

So my words of advice are: "When you truly love someone, be loving in words and deeds every single day. If you appreciate your parents today, tell them that. Hearts are often confused and broken by thoughtful words left unspoken and loving deeds left undone. There might not be a tomorrow. Today is the day to express your love and admiration. So express your feelings by words and actions."

With lots of love and respect, your sister in Islam!


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