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The Hope Of A Believer Is In God

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The hope of a believer is in God

The person whose hopes are in people will eventually be disappointed, but the one who places all his hopes in God, He will never be disappointed. His dreams will come to pass, and his life will flourish will blessings he never imagined.

When we place our hopes in people we are doing it wrong. We shouldn't be surprised if all dreams come crashing because we relied on them. People will disappoint us because they are just people. They are created things. They have no power but to influence each moment as it passes with human limitations. They are all subject to the limitations of time, space, knowledge and all other barriers that our creator is not. If we want a handhold that never breaks, then we should place all our hopes in God—our Creator, the one who created everything in this world and maintains them.

If we want to be successful, we need to place all our hopes in the All-Knowing, All-Wise; the one who controls our sustenance and gives us just the right amount. We need to rely on God who is always on time and provides us with perfect sustenance.
We should never place our hopes in people. They do not control the future and are subject to the unknown themselves.
No matter how difficult and uncertain the future may seem, don't lose hope. Place all your hopes and dreams in God and be certain that success is just around the corner waiting to meet you, when you have finished growing. The difficulties you are undergoing now are your preparation season. They are teaching you lessons and wisdom. They are qualifying you to help others when opportunities intersect with your dreams. When the need for your dreams come, you will be ready to step in because God prepared you.

The very fact that you have dreams means you have a calling to do something unique. The creator of the universe proportioned you with blessings you still have yet to uncover. God gave you all the right tools to carry a mountain while others may only traverse it. If you are always carrying more than others, realize that God made you this way to glorify Him. He made you perfect and qualified you to do more than others can. Embrace your identity and blessings. They are your greatest joy. And the more difficult the journey the greater the reward.

Embrace your dreams and don't lose hope. Place all your hopes in God and not in people, for "God is our best protector and helper. (Qur'an 3:150)" The moment we place all our hopes in God instead of people, He begins to send grace to us. He calls on His angels and commands them to be our guide and helpers. He uses created beings to guide us. He commands the universe to get us moving in the right direction, by influencing events in our favor. We will often receive unaccepted blessings that will provide guidance and help when we least expect it. Unlike people, God will come through. The moment we become stagnant, He will alarm us by sending a calamity our way, to get us moving.

It is God who places dreams in our hearts not people. It is God who created us with the right blessings to be successful in our tasks not people. It is God who made the earth a place of sustenance not people. It is God who created everything with a plan. You are His plan and He will use you when the right time comes. Therefore, it is God who is in control all along. So whose help do you want. The creator's or His creation?

"If Allah is your helper none can overcome you, and if He withdraws His help from you, who is there who can help you after Him? In Allah let believers put their trust.(Qur'an 3:160)"


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