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God Created Us With A Purpose. We Must Strive To Find It!

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God created us with a purpose. We must strive to find it!


Allah is the master of all creation. He creates for reasons which we do not understand. If only we had His knowledge, we would be surprised that the most obvious and simple things can actually carry a great purpose. We would know more if only we learn to reflect, and if we practice patience. We will know why Allah has planned things a certain way, if we become believers. Put your trust in Allah and let His plan unfold. Let Him flourish your life with blessings you could not imagine.

I was listening to a lecture today by Yasmin Mogahed, in which she was reading comments of her audience, and one person thanked Allah for shutting the door to higher education (Medical University). That led to a closer connection with Allah, to a cleaner heart, and a found purpose in life. SubhanAllah, the greatest blessings can come in a form of a trial or hardship. Sometimes the timing and our priorities are not in line, and Allah gives us reason to fix those issues. But never does he abandon us. Nor is he quick to punish us.

I have reflected myself, and I affirm that His knowledge and plan is beyond our understanding. I do know that His will is always best and prevailing. I realized that When Allah told me no and shut all doors, he actually had different plans, which were more important for my future in the hereafter. He had a bigger yes later in life when my life was in balance. When I was righteous and guided in the right direction. When I was able to see his hand in everything, and had the knowledge to understand why some things are not good for us. He has been shaping me and you to fulfill His purpose. We cannot be in despair, we have to keep striving and know that tomorrow awaits us a great reward.

Thank you Allah. I have developed a habit of trusting you, and I have benefited in the most remarkable way. You are indeed unique. You are the most-Just and the Most-Merciful. You are Great!



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