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A Blessing Or Punishment?

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A blessing or punishment?

Sometimes a sickness, disease, etc. comes in the form of a blessing and sometimes in the form of azaab (punishment). For a mu’min, it is a blessing and mercy if it causes him to turn towards Allah.

I will give an example with an incident that took place few years ago. I went to visit a person who was suffering from cancer. On entering his room, I found him surrounded by 3 TV sets- one to his right, one to his left and one in front of him. This was, indeed very surprising… a sick person in extreme pain who could well be in his last moments, in such a situation.

On inquiry, his relative explained, that due to him being confined in bed, it became necessary to turn him in these 3 positions; sometimes left; sometimes right otherwise flat on his back. The three sets were placed in such a manner so that he would not miss any part of the programme being watched.

If in that sickness, which was meant to have brought us to the door of Allah we continue to indulge in sins and more so, then who do we blame for the problems which we thereafter have to face?

Sickness that we undergo in this worldly life should not be seen as a misfortune but as an expression of Allah’s mercy and great blessing. As man commits sins all the time thus the difficulties and hardships he undergoes such as grief, sorrow, illness etc becomes a way by which he is cleansed of his sins in this world.

Dear brothers and sisters indeed it is hard to bear any hardships whether it is physical, material, financial, mental etc. But we should learn to bear every kind of sickness or problems with patience (sabr) and put all our trust in Allah. Unfortunately today we are people with low Imaan, we tend as soon as we get a problem, start to curse, to rebel, to utter disgust words, to be ungrateful. We forget that Allah is testing us and we should always be thankful to Allah in all conditions. We should regard sickness as a gift and special sign of mercy. We should indeed not forget that these worldly hardships will be for few days only followed by eternal happiness and rewards.

May allah protect us all from losing faith and trust in him…
JazakAllah khair for reading
Proud Muslimah


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