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10 Fruit Juices Good For Health


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Not many people know that soursop fruit (Anoda in Sinhala) (also part of the soursop tree, ie leaves) keep hidden strength to fight cancer effectively than with treatment using medicines and chemo therapy. Unfortunately, the good news is covered up by one of world company who conduct research and wants research funding plus generous benefits go to the company, before the pharmaceutical raw materials from soursop fruit thrown into the world market. Apart from soursop fruit, there are many other fruits that have a great benefits for health. All fruits are also consumed it easier and more comfortable with processed into healthy fruit juice. 10 Fruit Juices for Beneficial to Health

10. Avocado juice



  • Avocado juice for health benefits include:
  • · elps formation of red blood cells
  • · Preventing anemia
  • · For pregnant women, folic acid content of avocados can stimulate brain development and the formation of the spinal cord.
  • · Controlling the bad fats (LDL cholesterol) and raise the good fats (HDL cholesterol)
  • · Prevent stroke.
  • · Anti-wrinkle and ageless. etc.

09. Tomato juice


  • Tomato juice for health benefits are:
    · High antioxidant useful to defend the body from free radicals.
    · Content of lyopene in tomatoes could prevent prostate cancer.
    · To maintain ideal body weight for those who are dieting to lose weight and may increase appetite for those who are raising the weight as well as in the recovery phase after illness.
    · Preventing constipation.
    · Glycogen levels can stabilize liver function, etc.

08. Apple juice



  • One apple a day could save your life, this phrase seems to be true, the content of apples is very useful for health, including:
  • · Content of quercetin in apples may as anticancer and anti-inflammatory.
  • · Content of pectin can help remove dirt buildup in the gut for so long.
  • · Can lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • · Can reduce appetite.
  • · Can treat headaches, etc.

07. Strawberry juice



  • Strawberry juice for health benefits are:
  • · Contain ellagic acid, which act as antioxidants to counteract free radicals that enter the body.
  • · Can inhibit tumor cell growth in lung, breast, cervix.
  • · Can cleanse the body’s digestive system.
  • · Controlling cholesterol levels.
  • · Can reduce pain in joints, etc.

06. Guava juice


  • Benefits contained in guava juice include:
  • · Can reduce cholesterol in the blood and lowers blood pressure.
  • · Can prevent thrush.
  • · Able to lose weight.
  • · Content of vitamin C in guava juice can relieve colds and coughs.
  • · Content astrigent can cure diarrhea.
  • · Can prevent bone loss in, etc.

05. Kiwi fruit juice


  • Kiwi juice for health benefits include:
  • · Rich in vitamin C is useful for protecting the body from cancer cells.
  • · Rich in fiber can reduce constipation.
  • · Content of potassium helps regulate blood pressure.
  • · To prevent infection, premature aging.
  • · Very good for those who suffer from heart disease.
  • · Relieve cold and flu, etc.

04. Mango juice



  • Mango juice for health benefits include:
  • · Can be as a disinfectant to cleanse the body and blood in the body.
  • · Rich in caretenoid that can mencegahh colon cancer and cervical cancer bone.
  • · Can rejuvenate the body’s cells.
  • · Can prevent body odor caused by bacteria, etc.

03. Noni juice


  • Although it tastes pretty bad, but noni juice or noni fruit dutch is very beneficial to health, including:
  • · Can boost the immune system.
  • · Can normalize / reduce blood pressure.
  • · Be able to fight tumors and cancer cells.
  • · Contains scopoletin which functions as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.
  • · Very useful for the disease: hypertension, stroke, diabetes, migraine, vertigo, vaginal discharge, painful joints, etc.

02. Pomegranate juice


  • Pomegranate juice for health benefits:
  • · Substances tannins can anesthetize roundworms, pinworms and tapeworms in the intestines and release it with feces.
  • · Rich in vitamins A, C, E and folic acid good for pregnancy.
  • · Rich in antioxidants that help prevent blockages in the arteries caused by cholesterol.
  • · Prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer, etc.

01. Soursop juice


  • A study published by The Journal of Natural Products mentioned that the soursop fruit as the “miracle fruit” that is very nutritious for health, including:
    · Can effectively pick and choose the target bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, namely breast cancer, prostate, lung, colon, pancreas.
    · Working 10 thousand times more powerful to postpone cell growth cancer than drug (andriamicin) or chemo therapy.

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