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I don’t know why but whether willingly or unwillingly, in our moments of solitude ; we always tend to raise our head and look at the sky! I don’t know why but I think that it is probably because it’s up there that we desire to be! Or because we feel that comfort and relieve will not come but from Him! In fact what we feel inside ourselves is a sort of nostalgia! An inhibited homesickness for our real home; located up there! There is a reason behind all those feelings of incomprehensible sadness and inexplicable sorrow! Our Lord Has injected that innate longing for the heavenly abode in the heart of every one of us and every one of us caresses the desire to be with Him! Every one of us wants to see Him! He is our Creator, The One who fashioned us, The One who bestows upon us His innumerable blessings. O Allah, Ya Rabb! Dunya has been swallowing me up, it has taken my steps away from your path, it has implanted its claws into my soul and it has veiled my eyes! O Allah, Ya Rabb! Now, it’s your Love which has awakened the dormant heart of this sinful slave of yours! It’s your Love which has opened my eyes to the real! You are the Truth; everything else is fake and is doomed to fade away! Everything else will disappear and Only You will remain! O Allah, Ya Rabb! Forgive my weakness! Overlook my shortcomings! Guide me to Your Heavenly Noor! Ya Rabb! I am just a poor and impotent slave and I am nothing without you! I Love you my Lord! I Love you Ya Rabb! Please forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive me!

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