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  1. 35 minutes ago, ummtaalib said:

    Oh ok i see. Sorry not very good with these things...beginning to think it may be a good idea

    Can you explain what actually needs doing and what is required then maybe others can give input and also I can ask someone who has a website and they are interested




    Off the top of my head...

    We will need a front end with tools that end users can access. E.g. a website/app with categories, search facilities, etc. 

    And a back end that developers can use to quickly and easily upload info. E.g. a content management system or program that has a categorized set template that developers can use to quickly and easily upload the content. 

    We can do our own research and also invite others to submit their research in a set format possibly using the same back end template used by the developers. The user submissions will then need to be checked and cleaned up by the developers before uploading it to the website. 

    The site can be further developed to include better research tools, such as tools that allow you to cross reference each submission with other submissions that are linked to it, information on politicians, media outlets, journalists along with their credentials, biases, truthfulness, etc. 

    The information could look something like...

    Antagonists: US Army

    Year: 2010

    Country: Afghanistan. 

    Location: Daman, Kandahar.

    Incident: Something happened on the 1st of month 2010 carried out by such and such. 

    Evidence: Documents, interviews, photos, videos, etc. 

    Official Response: We have investigated our personnel and we have concluded we did nothing wrong and nothing more will be done about blah blah blah....



  2. 1 hour ago, ummtaalib said:

    Not sure actually how it would benefit specially if its hidden away somewhere on a small forum.

    Lets see what others think but nn the meantime  maybe you can start another topic and start posting links on it

    I don't mean on this forum. On a different platform or it's own website which can be shared amongst various forums and social media platforms. It won't be easy, but doable if enough people are interested. It's just an idea. 

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  3. 18 hours ago, ummtaalib said:

    Innaa lillaahi wainnaa ilayhi raaji'oon!

    What in the world was going on there all this time!!

    We need to work on a comprehensive database categorizing the atrocities carried out by the US and its allies otherwise the information will be lost and people will forget. We need to include links and sources and also archive the evidence and testimonies etc before they get scrubbed off the net. Anyone available to spearhead this?

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  4. 7 hours ago, ummtaalib said:

    we should ask a scholar knowledegable in these matters

    I don't think many people are interested in this stuff anymore, at least not like how people were when Taliban first came to power. 


    What are the ulama and madaris of Pakistan saying about the resurgence of Taliban. Are they supporting them?

  5. 29 minutes ago, Bint e Aisha said:

    Never read such a hadith. Please do post here if/when you find it.

    I don't know if it's reliable, weak, or completely fabricated. 

    The gist of it is as follows...

    A muslim army and a christian army will unite together to fight a muslim army. The muslim/christian coalition will win. Then an argument will ensue regarding why they won. The muslim army will declare the victory was due to Islam and the christians will declare it was due to Christianity. This will culminate into a fight and the Muslims will win. 

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  6. 20 minutes ago, xs11ax said:

    Is this true? Can someone translate the video?

    Khalil Haqqani, a senior Taliban leader, announces that the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud with all his cabinet have given Bayah (pledge of allegiance) to the Taliban.


    Came across this. 


    Ahmad Masood is negotiating with the #Taliban over an inclusive government but no agreement has been reached so far. Taliban earlier said that Massoud had pledged allegiance to them that is not true.


  7. 6 minutes ago, ummtaalib said:

    Personally i think we should wait and make lots of du'a for their steadfastness and guidance. We can at least do that. I dont know why but I get the feeling of hope for not just Afghanistan but also other places where Muslims are oppressed 

    I used to be hopeful, but now my hope has turned to trepidation. But that's just me. People are moulded by their experiences and this is where it has brought me. Inshallah I am completely wrong and I hope I stand embarrassed by my lack of confidence. 

    Saying that, the current situation is definitely going to have a big effect around the globe, inshallah. 


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  8. 42 minutes ago, Bint e Aisha said:

    Does having friendly relations with a country oppressing Muslims constitutes compromise?

    At the moment I'm celebrating as well as being wary. Just because they are the Taliban, we shouldn't give them a free pass. In fact they should be held to a stricter standard. It's very early days so let's wait and see how things pan out. 

    I don't know what their justification is in forming a relationship with China, but I'm hoping and praying that it is all in Allah's plan and inshallah we shall see the benefit. My mind keeps thinking back to the treaty of hudaibiya and how it ultimately lead to our benefit. 

    The first time Taliban took over, they allowed the losing side to join Taliban and gave them the same positions they held when they were in opposition to the Taliban. They also allowed the opposition to hold official positions in some areas such as Kabul. I can understand their hikmat behind this, but it backfired. The ex opposition holding positions in the Taliban gained numbers and strength and caused problems for the main leadership, including ameerul mumineen mullah umar (rh). I hope this doesn't happen again. 

    I think this is a very critical time and the Taliban need help and support from our scholars, world leaders, and general awaam. 

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