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  1. (Subhaan Allah!)Subhaan Allah!He made the plants gently grow.Subhaan Allah!Repeat, Subhaan Allah!As the sun brightly glow.Subhaan Allah!Repeat, Subhaan Allah!As the seas smoothly ebb and flow.Subhaan Allah!Repeat, Subhaan Allah!With a tongue sweet and slow.Subhaan Allah!Subhaan Allah!Subhaan Allah!Beautify!Purify,your tongue!Subhaan Allah!Subhaan Allah!Subhaan Allah!Sanctify your heart,Subhaan Allah!Subhaan Allah!Subhaan Allah!Make it clean, Make it strong !Subhaan...

  2. Allah;Lord of all the creation.Allah;Grants the earth a rotation.Allah;Endows the soul with an inspiration.Allah;Though Merciful without limitation.So terrible is His wrathAnd from His straight path,He doesn't accept no deviation.

  3. He is the one I turn to,In time of joy or In time of sorrow.And He is the one I love tooFor He is my LordThe owner of my day,And of my uncertain tomorrow.

  4. With herLittle BrittleCold hand,She wrote:I.S.L.A.MOn the hot sand;And all of a suddenLight came out of the spotOn which she used to stand.It was a dreamPainted by the screamOf the river stream.The dream was herNobody could take it awayNo, nobody, No way!With herLittle BrittleCold hand,She wrote:I.S.L.A.MOn the hot sand;And it wasAs though the landBecame “another land”Only serene lightsRadiant smilesAnd peaceful nights.No injusticeNo miseryNo war,No obscu...

  5. Ask Allah and He will give.

  6. He who seeks Allah will find Allah!

  7. “Candlewick”I dug the leaves outAnd, of the doors,Kept the vampires out.I saw gloomy featuresDrawing up blurred picturesRight on the screen of my mind.Hatred, sorrow and rageMixed up with the rumors of backstage.Some feathersTightened in the narrow meshes,Were writing their deliriumWith the remains of the still-hot ashes.And the green,Riding the wavy track,Was strugglingTo bring the butterfly back.I dug the leaves outTo find… But a territory of doubt,Stretching his ar...

  8. Every day is a new page in the Book of Divine Love.

  9. " Work for your spot in the shade on the day when their will only be his shade,The things you love today, they will all fade awayRemember the story of the cave, even though they were afraidThe youth knew the truth so they still remained braveThe same goes today, cause even rain goes awayAnd after the clouds the sun comes out to playSo expect brighter days, and declare all praiseTo the one with no son, in need of no aid." Boonaa Mohammed.

  10. Why Women CryA little boy asked his mother, "Why are you crying?""Because I need to" she said."I don't understand," he said.His mother just hugged him and said, "And you never will."Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?""All women cry for no reason," his dad answered carelessly.The little boy, still wondering why women cry, finally asked the old wise shaikh (scholar). "He surely knows the answer", he thought."Ya Shaikh! Why do women...

  11. "A transcendental sphere is born When the living diesAnd when the cable of communication is torn,Isolation becomes wise."

  12. Love Of Allah:“It is a stage that all of those who are striving and competing are competing for it and it is a kind of life that if you are missing it you are one of the dead.It is a light that if you are without it you are in and ocean of darkness. It is a medicine or cure that if you are without it, your heart becomes a place of sicknesses.It is a sweetness or pleasure that if you are without it, life becomes a thing of worries and of pain.”- Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah (RahimuAllah)

  13. Time to sleep! May Allah bless everyone!

  14. Some special people are deserving a special Dua'a : May Allah save you from hell-fire and grant you the highest rank in Jannat Al firdaous. Enlightening my way and teaching me the real meaning of being a MUSLIM full of piety, humility and self-denial. They are not that virtual and I feel as though a real family is taking shape on this modest wall of mine. Thanks to them I'm learning so many things and I'm trying everyday to act in the most correct way as far as my religion is concerned. Allah...

  15. كين اللهالدايم اللهكين اللهلكريم اللهكين اللهالدايم اللهكين اللهلكبير اللهكين اللهالدايم اللهكين اللهلكريم اللهكين اللهلكبير الله.......Allah existsAllah is the eternalAllah existsAllah is the generousAllah existsAllah is the greater Allah existsAllah is the eternalAllah existsAllah is the generousAllah existsAllah is the greater ............

  16. Seeking the hour of having one's prayer answered on Jumuah day: It is narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) that the day of Jumuah was mentioned and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam said: "On this day there is a time when no Muslim stands and prays, asking Allaah for something, but Allaah will grant him it" – and he gestured with his hands to indicate how short that time is. [Agreed upon: 935 & 1969]

  17. "God be in my hedeAnd in my understandyng.God be in myne eyesAnd in my lokyng.God be in my mouthAnd in my speakyng.God be in my harteAnd in my thynkyng.God be at mine endeAnd at my departyng."15TH CENTURY.

  18. « How to be a Slave »"Back in the day they say that I came from slaves,As though being a slave is something that would make me ashamed Touché, homie, you would actually be amazed,To know that we are all slaves, but in what kind of way I mean, some people submit to cigarettes, smoking 5 times a dayAnd some people worship money, only to see it go awayA couple of people put their faith in whatever the weather man sayAnd some people even pray to the sun, But I wonder who created the sun...

  19. Do not rely on the externalTo judge the internal;I have seen angelic facesSuddenly becoming extremely malicious And incredibly infernal.Rochdi Bouille

  20. You're a thousands miles away from me.Yet, I feel that if I look over my shoulder; I'll find your smiling face.Strange,isn't it?

  21. Don't go digging where God has buried your sins.Umme Safah

  22. In my shy desire to describe your beauty O Allah, every single word just vanishes away!

  23. R.E.S.P.E.C.TInvisible lettersOn my veiled sister'sWhite forehead.

  24. The true friend is the one who reminds you of your duty towards Allah.

  25. Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta'ala Is The Absolute Truth.Keep this in mind and every awkward path will straighten up.

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