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  1. Could you please rate me...

    1. GoneFromHere


      Alhumdulillah you are the pride of this great Islamic forum and to have you with us here is a true blessing...we thank you sister and never stop working in the cause of Allah (SWT) - personally i thank you for being a valued and loved part of this sites family... ^_^

    2. ManahelFatima


      JAZAKALLAH brother. I will add my knowledge about Islam every time and love to share knowledge on your forum.

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  3. I have send you complete repl in message

  4. Some of the benefits of Surah-Ar-Rahamn include the following;

    Solutions of all Problems

    After offering each Prayer if someone recite Surah Rahman once without break and recite Durood Shareef 3 timesbefore and after Surah Rahman, so that person will get rid of his problem by the grace of Allah.

    For Learning Al-Qur'an

    If someone wants to learn the Holy Qur'an so...

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