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Abou Maariyah

Make Allah the permanent resident in the mansion of your heart

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Make Allah the permanent resident in the mansion of your heart


Translated from Khutbaat e Hakeemul Ummat: Volume 11


Another level of carelessness found in Muslims is such that although one maintains some degree of remembrance of Allah during worship, there is no remembrance otherwise. Those people who are considered ‘devout-worshippers’ are also involved in this. They should understand that just as there is a routine adopted by the tongue for worship, there is also a routine for the heart. In other words, the routine of the tongue is zikr lisaani, or verbal remembrance, and the routine of the heart is remembrance through focusing towards Allah and through thoughts about Allah. So, often worshippers remain involved in verbal remembrance of Allah but they fail to keep the heart occupied in a similar manner.


The pious are also involved in such carelessness in terms of the heart. This is why is it necessary to understand that just as zikr lisaani, verbal remembrance is necessary, remembrance in our hearts is also essential. One should keep the heart focused on Allah at all times. Upon necessity it is permissible to think about something other than Allah but without such necessity do not invite such thoughts into the heart. However, do not think that since your heart is always involved in thoughts other than Allah it is necessary to rid of all these things. If upon necessity your thought falls on a foreign matter, this is no grounds for panic. However, after the thought leaves immediately bring your attention back towards Allah. Now, after giving permission to have thoughts on other than Allah, I have taken care of all issues that may arise. Now no one can argue that I do not have any awareness of the necessary aspects in life. Gentlemen! I also have knowledge of the necessities of life. Now look ahead to the extent the explanation of this has been done.

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