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How Divorce works in Islām? Master the Basics - Free Webinar

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How Divorce works in Islām? Master the Basics

 Join for an interactive FREE webinar exploring how divorce works in Islam. 


About the Webinar

Although divorce is the most detestable of Halāl things in Islām, ithas been permitted for a reason. It should be the final resort and when that time comes, Islām prescribes specific guidelines as to how man should divorce. If Islām has vested the authority of divorce in the man, he is responsible of issuing it in the right way. Majority of the problems in divorce matters lies in not properly understanding the Islamic system of divorce. Very few webinars you will find in addressing this issue. This unique webinar seeks to address the following important question.

  1. What steps should I take before resorting to divorce?
  2. Does divorce take place in anger?
  3. Does divorce count if my husband was angry, influenced under black magic or depressed?
  4. Are three divorces equal to one or three?
  5. Does divorce in the British Court equate to an Islamic divorce? Are they the same or different?
  6. Is it Haram for the wife to ask for a divorce?
  7. On what grounds can a wife demand a divorce? And much more……

Join us in this exclusive webinar to explore the above through Islamic and practical guidelines with real life case studies.

What will you learn from this webinar?

  1. Mastered the basics of the Islamic system of divorce
  2. Know how to apply the basic principle into your personal circumstance.
  3. Know the answers to the most commonly asked questions about divorce
  4. What legitimate grounds modern Sharī῾ah Councils dissolve a marriage.

Topics covered

  1. The basic steps to resolving tension before divorce
  2. How Divorce works in Islām in light of the Quran, Sunnah and interpreted by the classical legal schools.
  3. Different types of divorce in Islām.
  4. Addressing the most common questions about divorce.
  5. Exploring the controversy of three divorces.
  6. Occasions when the wife can Islamically ask for a divorce.
  7. Divorce in the Court
  8. Rulings pertaining to after divorce


Date: Sunday 3rd October 2021

Time: 12pm-3pm (3 hours)

Lecturer: Mufti Abdul Waheed

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